200 Years of Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women have a mission, a voice, and a place in the church. This video is an introduction to the history of Presbyterian Women, which began 200 years ago when women had no role outside the home. Two centuries after the first Presbyterian women gathered to pray and donate their hard earned pennies to the […]

A New Church For A New World

In this new volume, pastor and distinguished church leader John Buchanan reviews the history of the Christian community, examines the realities of the church world-wide, and looks forward to the future where a new church may be needed to meet the challenges of a new world. Drawing upon his belief that the church is a […]

Lines In The Sand

Based on the debates of bishops, church councils, and scholars who reflected on policy alternatives and theological and ethical perspectives on the Gulf crisis, the authors focus on moral issues surrounding the Persian Gulf War and present a penetrating case study of foreign and military policy, moral argument, and religious discourse.