An Evangelism Primer

Here are fresh, enlightening, practical, and logical strategies for ‘doing’ evangelism in the local church. Johnson’s ‘Organismic Evangelism’ is a new approach that is based on the utilization of the entire ‘organism’ of the church. Johnson shows how to use these human resources to capture the spirit of Christian love, encouragement, and acceptance. More than […]

Connect With Your Neighbors

Worship attendance is vital to the mission of the church. Through engaging videos, PowerPoint presentations, and supplemental materials, this resource provides you with tools and strategies to improve your worship attendance. Connect with Your Neighbors is appropriate for self study and for use with groups in your church.

Preaching To Strangers

These 12 sermons by renowned author and pastor Willimon, with responses by theologian Hauerwas, demonstrate the fruitfulness and difficulty of the interaction between theologians and practicing pastors. In this intriguing book, the authors suggest an old and very new way to think about theological work within the church.

Turn Around Strategies For The Small Church

In Turnaround Strategies for the Small Church, the author shows what kind of leadership, evangelism, and outreach will bring about a desirable turnaround. He provides specific actions that will develop the skills of those who minister in the life of a small church, and helps pastors and other church leaders evaluate their ministry objectively, thereby […]