Christianity For The Rest Of Us

For decades the accepted wisdom has been that America’s mainline Protestant churches are in decline, eclipsed by evangelical mega-churches. Church and religion expert Diana Butler Bass wondered if this was true, and this book is the result of her extensive, three-year study of centrist and progressive churches across the country. Her surprising findings reveal just […]

Journey to Discipleship

The Teacher’s Guide, which includes a student book, provides the teacher with clear objectives for each lesson. It gives teachers a strategy for presenting the content of each lesson in a clear and concise manner. It contains dozens of innovative ideas for involving class members in active participation in the classes, and offers usable ideas […]

Not Trying Too Hard

What is a congregation for? What are members for? What are pastors for? Bob Sitze, an evocative and sometimes whimsical writer and workshop leader, offers a new vision for congregations and their leaders – a vision that releases us from the growing burden of trying harder to invent and implement “better” worship, evangelism, stewardship, small […]

Rocking The Church Membership Boat

Much has been written on redefining the structure of mainline churches — but the one factor that is most critical to church renewal is the most neglected. That factor is how people join the church. It is the integrity of the membership — and not the number of members — says Jan Linn, that determines […]

So, You’re Becoming a New Member

Members of Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, Ill. and New Life Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Ga. participate in this video designed for persons who are interested in becoming members or have just become members of a Presbyterian Church. It covers Presbyterian history in America, Presbyterian beliefs, governance, mission, and membership.