Discerning God’s Will Together

Imagine making decisions about your church based on the question, “God, is this your will?” This idea is the premise behindĀ Discerning God’s Will Together. This contemporary book offers a fresh alternative to the often-rancorous parliamentary procedures many church groups use when making important decisions. Structured around church traditions and biblical examples of decision-making, this book […]

Know And Be Known

People yearn for a sense of belonging. Congregations become places of belonging when people find ways to make connections, form relationships, and share their personal stories. That’s hard to do in the hasty comings and goings around the typical worship service. Its even hard to do in a choir, committee, or ministry group.Ā In Know and […]

Life In His Body

Here is your new field-tested guide to the cell-based church! Practical, simple and comprehensive, it synthesizes the inner-workings of a cell chuch. It clearly communicates the keys to developing a vital cell-based church.

One Anothering

“Inspiring, Insightful, and most importantly, useful..Dick Meyer is the best small group facilitator I know in the country”……Dennis Denning, Pastor, Northminister Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. One Anothering deals head-on with the issues of confrontation, accountability, contractual agreements, and “caring, not curing” includes 11 sessions, each with preparatory readings and group exercises, based on the “one […]

Reflecting With God

Untangling the day-to-day issues in our multifaceted lives can seem daunting. Time to sit quietly and reflect is rare. If we are fortunate, we have good friends or close family members with whom to talk things through and find clarity, but many times we feel isolated and lonely. As people of faith, we add another […]

Unbinding Your Heart

Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing is a brilliant book — witty, engaging, and grounded in a four-year, national Lilly Endowment study of superb evangelism. Unbinding Your Heart is a six-week individual and small-group study for your entire congregation. It is the culmination of the Real Life Evangelism Series, by author, […]