Alive To God In Jesus Christ

Alive to God in Jesus Christ┬ánot only presents an accessible way to nurture our intellectual and spiritual understanding of Jesus Christ, but we are also challenged to explore ways that our faith is lived out in our lives and in the world. Dr. Small brings to life the depth and breadth of our Reformed understanding […]

Fashion Me A People

Here is a work about the Church claiming its identity as the people of God to live out its pastoral vocation. Anyone who is passionate about being God’s people and the particular call to end our isolation from others by living each day of our lives rooted in the Christ, will want to read, explore […]


The LifeSongs songbook includes early childhood songs, rounds, hymns, spiritual songs, and appropriate service music, all supporting the LifeTogether themes and integrating learning and worship. Also included are suggestions for teaching songs and using instruments, advice on incorporating the songs into worship, background information, and comprehensive indexes. See also: Lifesongs Volume 1 and Lifesongs Volume […]

Peter And Paul

Excerpt from the introduction We see in Peter the change he underwent from having a narrow, parochial perspective to having a great vision for the world. The turning point was in Joppa, where Peter received the vision that Gentiles did not have to become Jews first. This threw open wide the doors of the church. […]

When Will We Hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Call To End Poverty In America?

National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths Manual Vol. 17 A multi-faith resource for year-round child advocacy. What is the Children’s Sabbath? Sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund, the annual, multi-faith National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths weekend is an occasion to celebrate children as sacred gifts of the Divine and to recognize and respond to the urgent […]