Aging Well

From the Introduction: There are countless books and a number of manuals dealing with the major issues of aging and retirement. Many of them are very good and can be helpful. This monograph is not intended to replace them. Rather, it is intended to be an addendum to the universal issues that are wither particularly […]

Basic Mission Support Manual

A manual designed to assist committees as they plan for Presbytery-Session Basic Mission Support consultations. Includes an overview of the purposes for consultations, concrete help for the actual consultation, suggestions for follow-up & evaluation, a glossary, & resource section.

Bearing The Marks Of The Church

Who or what is the church?  By what stars shall we navigate as we seek to be the church here and now?  The three essays gathered in “Bearing the Marks of the Church” use Nicene marks of the church – one, holy, catholic, apostolic – as navigation points as we seek to be the church now […]

Bearing With One Another

The author goes to the sources, exploring impulses to unity within the reformed tradition. Dr. Sorge’s reading of Calvin, set within the context of Ephesians 4, shows that concern for theological integrity and commitment to the church’s unity are not at odds. To the contrary, it is theological integrity that is the ground for preserving […]

Being a Welcoming Congregation

Designed to help congregations practice hospitality and become truly welcoming congregations. It has training models for “Making People Feel Welcome”, “Greeters in a Welcoming, Hospitable Congregation”, “Ushers in a Welcoming, Hospitable Congregation”, as well as ways to identify areas that need improvement.

Biblical Authority For The Life Of The Church

This important paper, number 3 in the Office of Theology and Worship’s “Church Issues Series,” was produced by the United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom. It is valuable to Presbyterians because it illuminates unity/diversity matters by providing fresh perspectives on the crucial question of the Bible’s authority in the church and by providing scriptural […]

Building Your Own Model For Cooperative Ministry

Building Your Own Model for Cooperative Ministry is a program for mission development with many important characteristics … Cooperative development is the key to a successful mission program. Congregations are bound together into a larger configuration; not isolated. This vision of the church is profoundly important as a vital ingredient in the remedy for the […]