Aging Well

From the Introduction: There are countless books and a number of manuals dealing with the major issues of aging and retirement. Many of them are very good and can be helpful. This monograph is not intended to replace them. Rather, it is intended to be an addendum to the universal issues that are wither particularly […]

At Ease

John and Sylvia Ronsvalle, with U. Milo Kaufmann, have ventured where angels fear to go – talking about money in Christian community. This is a ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting book. The authors cover the general foundations of what makes for good groups while uncovering the hidden secrets of why we won’t talk to each other about money. […]

Better Boundaries

Knowing when your personal boundaries are violated – and what to do about it when they are – isn’t a simple skill. It requires a surprising amount of self-awareness that only a firm sense of your own value and limits can provide. If you feel like you have trouble saying no to others, at work […]

Discerning God’s Will Together

Imagine making decisions about your church based on the question, “God, is this your will?” This idea is the premise behind┬áDiscerning God’s Will Together. This contemporary book offers a fresh alternative to the often-rancorous parliamentary procedures many church groups use when making important decisions. Structured around church traditions and biblical examples of decision-making, this book […]

Discovering Your Ministry Identity

This comprehensive workbook combines a series of seven exercises and assessments to help people personally discover who they are in Christ. The range of discovery includes these categories: spiritual fitness, spiritual gifting (from three different angles), ministry burden or passion, team style, personal values, and leadership strengths (Principle Priorities). This broad scope looks at the […]

From Stuck To Unstuck

“You have heard it said, ‘A method tried and true is like fine gold.’ But I say unto you, ‘A method that worked before is a heavy burden. Try something different!’ You have heard it said, ‘Do not make molehills out of mountains.’ But I also say unto you, ‘Do not make molehills out of […]

Implementation Guide To Natural Church Development

Every church is unmistakeably unique. Instead of projecting the experiences of a few successful model churches on every church, natural church development helps you discover and develop the God-given, unique nature of your church. This workbook is based on the most comprehensive research project ever conducted on the causes of church growth. More than 1000 […]

Introducing Christianity

By the best-selling author of over a dozen key works of religious education, this clearly written introduction to Christianity for adults and young readers offers: Non-technical language and easy reference A breakdown of Christianity in eight sub-divided chapters ranging from Jesus and the early church through churches, the bible, ceremonies, and beliefs. Full glossary and […]

It Only Hurts On Monday

Pastors are quitting! Some leave for what they hope will be greener pastures in another church. Some drop out of ministry altogether. Why? The pressures of ministry are such that many pastors spend their days off simply trying to recover. When a fellow pastor was asked how thing were going in his ministry, his wry […]

Leadership For A Changing Church

Change is the one constant on which the leaders of tomorrow’s church can rely. Changes in technology, changes in social structures, and changes in the church are happening at such a rapid pace that pastors and other church leaders share Mark Twain’s despair of ever keeping up with it all. The key is to train […]