A Brief History Of The Presbyterians

A Brief History of the Presbyterians offers laity and clergy a succinct and thorough introduction to the history of Presbyterianism. James Smylie reaches into the past and vividly recounts the story of a faithful people known as Presbyterians. He chronicles the origins of the Reformed tradition and carries the saga through each subsequent era up […]

A Peculiar People

Voted one of Christianity Today’s 1997 Books of the Year! Christians feel increasingly useless, argues Rodney Clapp, not because we have nothing to offer a post-Christian society, but because we are trying to serve as “sponsoring chaplains” to a civilization that no longer sees Christianity as necessary to its existence. In our individualistic, technologically oriented, […]

Adultery And Grace

Two out of every three married men in our society commit adultery. So do half of all wives. In the face of such shocking sociological data concerning marital infidelity, this book’s bent toward grace explodes popular myths about adultery and takes on society’s most detrimental reactions to adulterers. In this frank yet sensitive book, C. […]

Always Being Reformed

Is it possible to maintain and defend Christian faithfulness and integrity in a pluralistic world without being arrogant, exclusive, intolerant, or irrelevant? Is it possible to be open to change, tolerant of difference, and relevant without compromising or sacrificing christian authenticity? Shirley Guthrie looks to the Reformed confessions to answer these questions. He asserts that […]

Becoming A Woman Of Prayer

Cynthia Heald leads readers through an examination of what the Bible teaches about prayer. In addition to a thought-provoking Bible study, each lesson features classic quotes from some of the great devotional writers throughout history, a reflection from Cynthia, and a suggested memory verse. It will encourage readers to respond to God’s invitation to deeper […]

Being a Welcoming Congregation

Designed to help congregations practice hospitality and become truly welcoming congregations. It has training models for “Making People Feel Welcome”, “Greeters in a Welcoming, Hospitable Congregation”, “Ushers in a Welcoming, Hospitable Congregation”, as well as ways to identify areas that need improvement.

Body Building

God gave Moses the vision to build a tabernacle, but Moses did not do that by himself. Church leaders engage in a similar endeavor. They a) see what is inside other potential leaders, b) use leadership, discernment, and management skills to bring the potential out, and c) avoid standing in front of the future leaders […]

Coming Out As Parents

How do parents respond to the knowledge that their child is gay or lesbian? David Switzer, in a complete revision of his best-selling Parents of the Homosexual, helps parents understand their feelings and reactions to that knowledge and clarifies what it means to be homosexual. He explores recent scientific, social, and biblical information about homosexuality, […]


Confirmation is one of the most widespread practices in the contemporary church, although much confusion exists about its relationship to faith: Is confirmation a rite of passage? Is it just one step on an unfolding journey of faith? Are new privileges granted and additional responsibilities required of confirmants? Christian educator Richard Robert Osmer addresses these […]