A Generation Of Seekers

Baby Boomers comprise over one third of the population, and however elusive it may be, there is something called a “boomer culture” – including a search far spiritual style. In this monumental study, premier sociologist Wade Clark Roof uses the life stories of prototypical boomers to reveal the soul of a generation that now embodies […]

All God’s People Are Ministers

While many lay persons realize that the church is the whole people of God, they may have questions about their ministry and wonder what they are called to be and do. This book surveys some of the methods and resources that are available to those who have the responsibility and commitment to engage in strengthening […]

Arabs & Israel For Beginners

The history of the Middle East goes back about 12,000 years, most of which was not marked by fighting between Arabs and Jews. Documenting the Middle East from ancient times to present, Arabs & Israel for Beginners is one of few books cover the issues of both Jews and Arabs objectively, insightfully and in an […]

Beyond Establishment

During this century, something decisive has happened to so-called mainline Protestantism. It was ‘disestablished’ from the preeminent cultural position it once enjoyed, but the reasons and implications of this shift are debatable. This book takes a novel, cultural approach to studying mainline denominations and suggests possibilities for a revaluation of denominations in the post-establishment era. […]

Book Of Common Worship, 1993 edition

This ambitious undertaking gathers in one volume all the important elements of the seven Supplemental Liturgical Resources to provide orders of worship and liturgical texts for each Sunday, for every festival and season throughout the year, plus Baptism, the marriage ceremony, daily prayer, funeral and pastoral liturgies, and more.

Cooperative Parish Manual

Cooperative Parish Ministry (Definition) Several congregations that share a common ministry area or region covenant together to envision that parish area as the place in which Christ is calling them into cooperative planning and ministry. While each congregation maintains its own board or session, the covenanting lead to the sharing of ideas, energies, leadership and […]

Dancing With Dinosaurs

William Easum argues that a radical shift in culture makes it necessary for the church to change the way it proclaims the gospel, accounting for the anti-Christian climate in which we live while maintaining the and integrity of the Christian message.

Faith Goes To Work

‘The marketplace is not a place to be avoided [by Christians]; rather it is our assignment!’ So states this remarkable new book exploring how churches must help today’s Christians experience the God of their faith in the new realities and stresses of contemporary work. The authors, representing a wide range of vocations, provacatively challenge readers […]

God The Redeemer

Influenced by contemporary discussion and indebted to classical tradition, McGlasson contrasts literal and critical interpretations of the Bible. His thought-provoking work presents and analyzes the central Biblical and theological concepts of the Christian witness in an original and illuminating way.

How Your Church Family Works

Drawing on the work of Bowen, Friedman, and his own many years’ counseling experience, Peter Steinke shows how to recognize and deal with the emotional roots of such issues as church conflict, leadership roles, congregational change, irresponsible behavior, and the effect of family of origin on current relationships. Discover why working relationships may be “stuck” […]