Growing Intentional Disciples

Are the people in your pews growing into spiritual redwoods, or are you cultivating dwarfed, or perhaps ‘bonsai’ disciples? Other than the movement of the Spirit, the greatest foundational dynamic in faithful churches is the spiritual health and well being of each member. This 52 minute video explores four interdependent processes that contribute to spiritual […]

Kicking Habits with Tom Bandy

This video is based on the popular church transformation trilogy ‘Kicking Habits,’ ‘Coming Clean’ and ‘Facing Reality.’ Presenter Tom Bandy helps you understand the changing spiritual yearning of the public, and explains the basic elements of the experience and mission of a thriving church. His systems approach to church transformation contrasts the declining church system […]

Leadership on the OtherSide (Video)

We are living in what Tom and Bill call the Pre-Christian World. By that they mean that they believe that the 21st century will be more like the first century than the twentieth century. Thus, we find most of the clues to ministry and life in the 21st century back in the first century and […]

Small Churches Can Turnaround Too

If you would like to see your congregation turn around, then this… seminar will help you understand the truth that God wants all churches to experience and pass on new life and meaning to every community. While this seminar is based on the turnaround of a small rural congregation, these same levers have been used […]