Call to Worship: The Sacramental Word

Volume 40, Issue #4. Features/Authors of articles are listed, Columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken ┬áv Shouting the Whisper Willson, Patrick J. 1 Preaching as the Presence of Christ Janowiak, Paul A. 8 Leading from Font, Table, and Pulpit Wasserman, Marney A. 15 Praying the Great Thanksgiving Byars, Ronald P. 25 The Long and […]

Peter And Paul

Excerpt from the introduction We see in Peter the change he underwent from having a narrow, parochial perspective to having a great vision for the world. The turning point was in Joppa, where Peter received the vision that Gentiles did not have to become Jews first. This threw open wide the doors of the church. […]

The Future Of Protestant Worship

Over the past several years, churches have engaged in an ongoing debate between two different styles of worship — ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary.’ Here, Ronald Byars argues that many of the differences between the two styles are superficial. Authentic worship, being wholly theocentric, can and must be both responsive to contemporary culture and grounded in history […]