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Come Explore the Recent Changes to the Book of Order

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Blessings to you all as the “hiatus” of summer passes and we move into a new program year for so many congregations.  This summer, as always, finds our congregations quite busy with seasonal concerns and programs.

As the focus moves, however, there are concerns and responses that need attention.  Some of these focus on issues which followed the adoption of the amendments to the constitution of our denomination which formally implemented changes on July 10.

Two items were among the important items which suggest special interest.

  • Amendment 10-A was passed.  There are both implementation concerns and implications for church life that are wrapped in this issue.
  • A new Form of Government was approved. There are significant implementation issues at every level of the church.  Some are pressing and some others may follow less demandingly.

We have arranged four area meetings to explore the implications of  these recent changes to the Book of Order, especially as they affect local congregations. We invite pastors, moderators and clerks of session, session members, and other interested members of congregations in our presbytery. The dates and locations of the gatherings are:

Tuesday, September 13: 6:30-9:00pm (Eastern Time)
Unity Presbyterian Church
1207 Springhill Drive, Terre Haute

Thursday, September 15: 6:30-9:00pm (Eastern Time)
St John Presbyterian Church
1307 E Elm Street, New Albany

Tuesday, September 27:  6:30-9:00pm (Central Time)
United Presbyterian Church
130 E State Street, Princeton

Thursday, September 29: 6:30-9:00pm (Eastern Time)
Fairlawn Presbyterian Church
2611 Fairlawn Drive, Columbus

Each gathering will begin at 6:30 pm local time, and will conclude officially no later than 9:00. We will provide a light meal at each meeting.  While reservations are not required, they will be helpful as we plan for the meal. Please email Rhonda Seymour, with the number of persons attending, as well as the location you plan to attend.

We hope to see you soon!

Grace and peace,
Susan McGhee, Presbyter for Common Life
Lawrence Jackman, Stated Clerk