Day Care Bridge Loan Request

Daycare Bridge Loan Application
One provision of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act includes Child Care and Development Block Grants to states for immediate assistance to child care providers to prevent them from going out of business and otherwise support child care for families.

To learn more and apply for a grant, please click here: You are encouraged to apply for this assistance as soon as possible, as it does not appear to be retroactive.

The Presbytery Council encourages eligible (registered, properly inspected) day-cares and pre-schools to apply for a grant as soon as possible. We are also offering an interest-free bridge loan of up to two weeks payroll for churches. These loans may be able to be converted to full or partial grants.

If you have questions or want help thinking things through, feel free to be in touch with Jean Brown, our Presbytery Treasurer. While she is not an expert on the CARES Act (no one is), she is learning what she can, and would be happy to speak to you. You may reach her by email ( and arrange for a time to talk.

To apply for a bridge loan, please fill out the form below. Checks will be made payable to the Church, even if the program has a separate account.

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