The Word That Redescribes The World

The Bible and Discipleship

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Brueggemann (Walter).
Publication Dates: 2006.
Publisher(s): Fortress Press.
Subject(s): Christianity and culture and Theology.
Format(s): Hardcover.

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    In the last several years, Walter Brueggemann’s writings have directly addressed the situation of Christian communities in today’s globalized context, with its consumerist lifestyles, vast inequalities, and near-imperial exercises of power. His insights, forged in rugged encounters with the texts of the Old Testament, are sharp, painful, and indispensable. In the people Israel Brueggemann finds a model of an alternative community -anchored in YHWH, ever exploring new possibilities, and prophetically bent against empire.

    Part I: The Word Redescribing the World
    Part II: The Word Redefining the Possible
    Part III: The Word Shaping a Community of Discipleship

    Walter Brueggemann, through his teaching, lecturing, and writing, has effectively demonstrated the significance of the Old Testament for our fractured world today. Recognized as the preeminent interpreter of the ancient texts in relation to questions posed by a variety of academic disciplines, he has shown the way toward a compelling understanding of the major components of the faith and life of ancient Israel, especially its Psalms, the prophets, and the narratives.