The Wolf Shall Dwell With The Lamb

A Spirituality for Leadership in a Multiculutural Community

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Law (Eric H. F.).
Publication Dates: 1993.
Publisher(s): Chalice Press.
Subject(s): Christianity and culture, Intercultural communication, Multicultural education, Peace - Religious aspects, and Power - Religious aspects.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BR 115 .C8L37 1993
  • Summary:

    A multicultural conference has convened. Everything is in place, and the participants arrive brimming with goodwill and even better intentions. Surely this time…! But, no. Halfway through the meetings, communication grinds to a halt, and people retreat to the safety of their own groups. What happened? And how can we keep it from happening again? Those are the questions this book proposes to answer.

    In this first of his books on multiculturalism, Eric H. F. Law uses a combination of theology and cultural anthropology to explore why people of certain cultures – most notably whites of Northern European origin – tend to dominate in multicultural situations, driving those of other races and ethnic groups to silent rage or outright rebellion.