When A Leader Falls

What Happens To Everyone Else?


With one in eight pastors admitting to having an affair, sexual sins among those in church leadership positions rightfully assume their place as one of the most dangerous and devastating issues facing Christendom today. And while a great deal of attention is given to the restoration of a fallen pastor or leader, almost no attention is given to the victims it left crushed and trampled by the wayside families, congregations, and others who have been under the spiritual influence of the person.

When a Leader Falls confronts the enormity of sexual immorality from those in authority in the church and is a platform from which to bring healing for the victims. It defines the destructiveness of the sin of adultery and explains why it’s so wounding. It speaks to the leader’s spouse, who is left with accusations of guilt, the loss of position, of ministry, of friends, and of family. It speaks to the rest of the church staff which must carry out the difficult job of restoration while they deal with their own pain as well. It speaks to the congregation which is left without their shepherd, often confused and polarized.