Ending With Hope

Ending with Hope¬†grows out of the understanding that although closing a congregation is in many ways about dying, it can also be about new life. Closing a congregation does not have to be about failure but can be about redirecting resources for new ministry. Contributors represent eight denominations and include more than a dozen pastors, […]

Raising Small Church Esteem

Small churches trying to live up to ‘big church’ standards frequently suffer from low self-esteem. Steven Burt, educator, consultant, and former small church pastor (UCC/UMC), and Hazel Roper, an American Baptist judicatory executive and former small church pastor, team up to provide clergy, lay leaders, denominational leaders, and seminary educators associated with small churches a […]

Rising To The Risk

“This book tells about the success stories of vital and dynamic small congregations. You’ll see common characteristics among these small churches. They are dedicated followers of Jesus Christ led by faith to ¬†dynamic and useful Christ-like change. Others do not dictate that changes will happen; instead the members and pastors, and, in some cases, the […]

Small Churches Can Turnaround Too

If you would like to see your congregation turn around, then this… seminar will help you understand the truth that God wants all churches to experience and pass on new life and meaning to every community. While this seminar is based on the turnaround of a small rural congregation, these same levers have been used […]

Stepping Out in Faith

This resource tells the stories of nine smaller membership congregations that have stepped out in faith and experienced transformation. These congregations demonstrate that change is possible even with limited resources and support. Spiritual discernment, changing demographics, pastoral leadership, and church building issues are all addressed. Discussion questions follow each story and the resource concludes with […]

The Small Church

Focuses on how churches under 100 in worship can reach out to include more people. It includes: Basic Decisions, Varieties of Small Churches, Obstacles to Growth, The Small Church and the Pastor, Things to Watch for as the Church Grows, Small Church and Morale, Workable Programs, Modeling a Large Church, Staffing the Small Church, Finances, […]

The Small Membership Church

One of America’s leading church consultants shows why he believes the small membership church has a bright and promising future if the leaders will adapt to new roles in the culture. Lyle Schaller presents 44 alternative scenarios that can lead to a better use of resources and more focused energies in ministry.