How To Preach A Parable

In this practical and insightful guide, one of the nation’s most respected preachers shows how to use the structure of Jesus’ parables to preach highly effective sermons. During the past decade, New Testament scholars have done fresh and exciting work on the style and function of Jesus’ stories. Now Eugene L. Lowry – in clear, […]

Preaching And Intimacy

Intimacy has multiple meanings for preaching. It affirms the crucial role the messenger has in the message. It is the quality that helps to establish a relationship between the hearer and the speaker. It is a “holistic” approach to preaching. Designed to help both the student and the practicing minister to communicate more effectively, Preaching […]

Preaching Ethically

How do clergy preach to meet the legitimate needs of their congregation and live up to standards of professionalism and personal integrity?¬†Preaching Ethically¬†offers guidelines for preaching in light of a range of factors that might tempt a preacher to misuse the pulpit. How do you preach about controversial issues? What do you say from the […]

Preaching To Strangers

These 12 sermons by renowned author and pastor Willimon, with responses by theologian Hauerwas, demonstrate the fruitfulness and difficulty of the interaction between theologians and practicing pastors. In this intriguing book, the authors suggest an old and very new way to think about theological work within the church.

The Fully Alive Preacher

Mike Graves begins this book with the question “If preaching is intended to enliven the church, why is it killing so many ministers?” His answer? Because it has become divorced from the vitality and diversity of the preacher’s daily life. He invites preachers to discover how preaching can be renewing rather than draining. Graves includes […]

When God Speaks Through You

‘Holy and active listening’ means listening openly and attentively to one another with the expectation that God will speak in and through the conversation. In When God Speaks through You, homiletics professor Craig Satterlee helps preachers and their congregations learn to listen to one another with such grace. Satterlee demonstrates how individuals and groups can […]