Entertainment Evangelism

The result of going public with the church’s ministry is entertainment evangelism. One of the best examples of this kind of innovative, public church is Community Church of Joy, a Lutheran congregation that has five different kinds of worship services. Walt Kallestad explains how worship is integrated with evangelism and how the result of this […]

The Spectacle Of Worship In A Wired World

Examining the three central elements of electronic culture – images, sound as beat, and visualization – Sample demonstrates that for those steeped in this culture, meaning arises from the convergence of these elements rather than from any one of them individually. He goes on to discuss how these are already present in Christian worship and […]

Virtual Faith

Beaudoin, himself a member of Generation X, explores fashion, music videos, and cyber-space and concludes that his generation has fashioned a theology radically different from but no less potent or valid than that of their elders. Beaudoin’s investigation of popular culture uncovers four themes that underpin his generation’s theology. First, all institutions are suspect – […]