Always Being Reformed

Is it possible to maintain and defend Christian faithfulness and integrity in a pluralistic world without being arrogant, exclusive, intolerant, or irrelevant? Is it possible to be open to change, tolerant of difference, and relevant without compromising or sacrificing christian authenticity? Shirley Guthrie looks to the Reformed confessions to answer these questions. He asserts that […]

Choosing The Kingdom

Today the Christian faith is moving through one of the greatest sea changes in its two thousand year history, and we can no longer assume we know exactly what kind of animal preaching is or ought to be. Choosing the Kingdom is both a work of theology and a how-to guide for preachers who want to rethink […]


Jack Haberer is not willing to believe that the church has reached an impasse, irretrievably divided into two parties. Rather, he defines five GodViews that, among other things, shape the way Christians relate with one another today. Haberer believes that a unity that consciously embraces a diversity of convictions holds the best hope for the […]

The Congregation: Sign Of Hope

This book affirms congregational life as the unique place where persons encounter Christ. It looks at the unique mission of the congregation and outlines a process by which every congregation can move beyond mere maintenance of the current situation and into true mission. The book blends theory, theology, and practical experience in a readable ‘story’ […]

The Once And Future Church

Mead takes a broad look at past and present changes in the church, and postulates a future to which those changes are calling us. Denominations, once structured to deliver resources to far-off lands of foreign mission, now encounter the mission field in the layperson’s workplace and the community surrounding the local congregation. Thus, the church […]

Transforming Congregations For The Future

In this third volume of the Once and Future Church series and sequel to his book The Once and Future Church, Loren Mead picks up where he left off. If God is calling the church to reshape itself, where do we begin? On what basis should we build? The declining numbers of denominational membership and recent […]

Unbinding Your Church

Who would have thought that a how-to manual, a pastor’s guide, could be witty, charming and fun? Unbinding Your Church, the Pastor’s Guide to the Real Life Evangelism Series, by author, researcher, pastor and attorney Martha Grace Reese, is all that. It will help you lead your congregation through a year of life-changing and church-changing study of […]

Unfreezing Moves

Prepares Christian congregations to fulfill their basic function – to make disciples who make disciples for Jesus Christ. This book is about helping ‘stuck’ and ‘unstuck’ churches either become unstuck or constantly improve their ministry of making disciples. This book is designed to help church leaders make profound changes in the way they do ministry […]