If This Is The Way The World Works

In If This Is the Way the World Works William O. Avery and Beth Ann Gaede ask two primary questions: First, what principles from science are so broadly accepted that scientists themselves are willing to say, ‘This is the way the world works’? Second, how do congregations and their leaders behave when they operate in […]

Leadership On The Other Side

Most Christians would agree that the purpose of the church is to lead people into active, committed discipleship to Jesus Christ. Yet if this is the case, shouldn’t the goal of making disciples drive everything the church does? For example, shouldn’t the primary job of staff members be to recruit and mentor the laity in […]

Leadership on the OtherSide (Video)

We are living in what Tom and Bill call the Pre-Christian World. By that they mean that they believe that the 21st century will be more like the first century than the twentieth century. Thus, we find most of the clues to ministry and life in the 21st century back in the first century and […]

Presbyterian Leadership

From the Introduction: […] Out of our experience we want to share some deeply held convictions about the gifts that our Presbyterian tradition has to offer to the renewal of leadership in our church. We believe that we need a leadership revolution at every level in our church, and that the resources for that renewal, while they can well […]

The 3 Colors Of Leadership

The 3 Colors of Leadership presents an exciting new way of looking at leadership. Whether you are an established leader in a high-profile position or an emerging leader who is still unsure whether God wants you to take over more leadership responsibility, the training described in this book will empower you in such a way […]