Christians And Muslims Together

Events in the Middle East alone make it imperative that those in the West learn more about the Muslim world, but in addition many Christians in the United States have Muslim neighbors and business associates whom they need to get to know better. As this helpful book comments, ‘Instead of giving in to prejudice, which […]

Encounter In The Spirit

Books on dialogue are often abstract. They deal more with the theory than the practice of dialogue. Here is a book that describes how dialogue actually takes place, and what results when it happens. Birmingham in England is a multi-racial and multi-religious city. Among its population are a considerable number of Muslims. A group of […]

Nearest In Affection

‘The Nearest in Affection to those who believe,’ according to the Quran, ‘are the ones who say, ‘We are Christians.” Yet in many parts of the world where Christians and Muslims live side by side, the reality of their relationship falls far short of that ideal. Suspicions and fears arise from ignorance of each other’s […]