In Search Of A Leader

“If ever a book met a ‘felt need’ this is it. Here is a practical assistance for search committees provided by an experienced consultant in executive work.” – Ted W. Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision “Dingmans’s experience, wisdom, candor, and humor come through in this book. He is remarkably qualified to share the literally hundreds […]

Pastoral Activities Index

The Pastoral Activities Index is a detailed description of the activites in which pastors engage, organized in eight roles: (1) Director of Worship; (2) Facilitator of Pastoral Care; (3) Leader & Interpreter of Mission; (4) Coordinator of Church Education; (5) Facilitator of Parish/Community Relationships; (6) Administrator; (7) Member of the Presbytery; (8) Member of the […]

Pastoral Performance Profile

The Pastoral Performance Profile (Second Edition) is a criteria-referenced self-evaluation instrument for pastors and has been derived from the Pastoral Activities Index. It consists of 28 scales, each with five statements that describe the different ways in which pastors carry out some of their more important activities. The instrument is normally to be used by […]

Running Through The Thistles

Can how you leave a church affect your feelings about leaving or create “baggage” you take to your new congregation? Gain insight into termination styles and how they affect both you and your parishioners. Oswald guides you through Alban Institute research findings, using real-life illustrations. Roy M. Oswald has provided leadership for hundreds of conferences […]

Saying Goodbye

Leaving a pastorate is hard on both congregation and pastor. Learn how to make this transition a growth experience for all. Written for congregations and pastors, Saying Goodbye skillfully weaves accounts from clergy, laity, and educators of seven denominations with White’s own insight as a former General Presbyter to create a resource for meaningful and […]