Questions And Answers About Clergy Sexual Misconduct

Clergy sexual misconduct not only devastates the lives of its victims but also tears apart the fabric of faith in communities. Available in book form to facilitate its use as an informational resource and counseling tool, Questions and Answers about Clergy Sexual Misconduct provides answers to 18 key questions parishioners in this situation will likely […]

Sex In The Parish

From The Library Journal: This book is the best this reviewer has read on the topic. It affirms the value of healthy sexuality, discusses desire and temptation, cites an example of pastoral failure to set boundaries, explores the uniqueness of pastoral roles in this context, and shows how sexual contact can be affected by these […]

When A Leader Falls

With one in eight pastors admitting to having an affair, sexual sins among those in church leadership positions rightfully assume their place as one of the most dangerous and devastating issues facing Christendom today. And while a great deal of attention is given to the restoration of a fallen pastor or leader, almost no attention […]