Critical Moment Of Ministry: A Change Of Pastors

Based on extensive learning from the Alban Institute, this book emphasizes the opportunities for change presented during a pastoral transition. ‘In this invaluable resource for congregations and pastors, Loren Mead has demonstrated again his uniqu ability to see the power and potential in commonplace events in the life of the church. Teo decades of experience, […]

Is It I, Lord?

‘The questions Jim Chatham raises are the right questions. I highly recommend this book to any who wonder if God is calling them into pastoral ministy, any whom others believe God is calling into pastoral ministry, and any who walk beside those who may be called into pastoral ministry: youth advisors, college chaplains, members of […]

So You’re On The Search Committee

So You’re on the Search Committee¬†focuses on the experience of pastoral search committees and the unique role that laity in most denominations play in this crucial process. Because a change of pastors is, as Alban Institute founder Loren Mead puts it, a “critical moment of ministry,” participation as a member of a search committee is […]

The Minister Is Leaving

What happens when a congregation loses its minister? What are the best ways of finding a new one? This book consists of the stories of 14 different congregations which made use of professional consultation in the course of their search process.