Community Ministry

In this era of “faith-based initiatives,” congregations increasingly find themselves in the business of establishing and supporting community ministries-daycare for infants and toddlers, respite care for elders, and programs for housing rehab and home repair, tutoring, and social justice advocacy. In this volume, Carl S. Dudley revises and updates his earlier book,┬áBasic Steps toward Community […]

Mutual Mission in a New Millenium

This video is about two local churches – the First Presbyterian Church of Washington, Pennsylvania, and the Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church of Cinncinnati, Ohio – in mission with a theological seminary in northeast Brazil. The seminary is called ITEBA, the Institue for Theological Education of Bahia. This video is a ‘work in progress’ as these […]

The Diversity Of Discipleship

This volume considers three issues — outreach, ecumenism, and pluralism — that have confounded the witness of faith in the Presbyterian Church. Examples are given of the interlocking and sometimes interfering interplay among outreach, ecumenism, and pluralism in the quest for distinctive Presbyterian discipleship.