A Time To Heal

This important book provides the tools that faith communities need to:-determine under what circumstances, if any, a convicted sex offender may be involved in the congregation.-determine how to respond if someone in the congregation is accused of a sexual offense.-be sensitive to and supportive of persons in the congregation who have been victims of abuse.-develop […]

Reducing The Risk Of Child Sexual Abuse Training Manual

Part 1– A fast-paced portrayal of the real dangers that child sexual abuse poses to your church. Interviews with victims, professionals, and church leaders vividly convey its damaging impact on all involved. Part 2– Provides clear directions for reducing the risk of child sexual abuse. Leading authorities explain policies and procedures that will help protect […]

The Child’s Song

Theological ideas and biblical injunctions have frequently been employed to legitimate the physical abuse of children. Some theological ideas are inherently abusive because they create fear in a child’s mind, causing a child to feel alone, odd, or of little worth. Donald Capps exposes some abuses that theology and the Bible have inflicted on vast […]