Spiritual Gifts

The Power That Drives the Congregation

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Boese (Neal R.).
Publication Dates: 1995.
Publisher(s): CSS Publishing Company.
Subject(s): Gifts - Spiritual.
Format(s): Spiral Bound.

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  • BT 767.3 .B64 1995
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    What are spiritual gifts? How can they bring renewal to a congregation? What is your spiritual gift? How can it be used to serve the mission of Jesus Christ? Mainline denominations have been closing hundreds of congregations and losing millions of members. One reason has been the lack of emphasis on spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are the sources of power for a congregation. When they are understood and used, they bring vitality and strength. This book includes a thrological basis for spiritual gifts, a method of implementing gifts into the congregation, and a carrative on each gift. Also included is an inventory that can enable you to discover your own gift and how it can best be used in the congregation.