Encounter In The Spirit

Books on dialogue are often abstract. They deal more with the theory than the practice of dialogue. Here is a book that describes how dialogue actually takes place, and what results when it happens. Birmingham in England is a multi-racial and multi-religious city. Among its population are a considerable number of Muslims. A group of […]

Even In The Best Of Families

Retelling the stories of seven different families in the Bible, the author draws on his experiences as a pastor, educator and family therapist in a variety of cultural contexts to offer insights and stimulate reflection about family life today. The cultural and historical context of these biblical families differs from our own, and patriarchal and […]

Facing Our Differences

The deep controversies within many churches have created a reluctance in many quarters to place the issue of homosexuality on the ecumenical agenda. Yet, an essential vocation of the ecumenical movement is to enable a dialogue among the churches at precisely those points where their differences of conviction are sharpest. This book seeks to encourage […]

Nearest In Affection

‘The Nearest in Affection to those who believe,’ according to the Quran, ‘are the ones who say, ‘We are Christians.” Yet in many parts of the world where Christians and Muslims live side by side, the reality of their relationship falls far short of that ideal. Suspicions and fears arise from ignorance of each other’s […]

Not Without My Neighbour

Meeting people of other faiths is an everyday experience not only for minority Christian communities in Asia and the Middle East but more and more for Christians elsewhere. Yet, although interfaith dialogue has established itself as a key concern for the churches and the ecumenical movement, it continues to raise spiritual, social, political, practical and […]

The Silent Roots

This fresh and imaginative exploration of the light Orthadox theology sheds on key contemporary ecumenical themes opens up an appreciation of spirituality which is theologically based and directly relevant to the search for the visible unity of the church. Spirituality has to do with the root tradition of Christian life and experience – ‘the silent […]