Adultery And Grace

Two out of every three married men in our society commit adultery. So do half of all wives. In the face of such shocking sociological data concerning marital infidelity, this book’s bent toward grace explodes popular myths about adultery and takes on society’s most detrimental reactions to adulterers. In this frank yet sensitive book, C. […]

Hearing God’s Call

How can one discern if a calling truly is from God? How can one be alert to the fact that one call is ending and another is beginning? In this insightful book Ben Campbell Johnson gives inspiring, experience-based advice on these and other questions concerning the call of God. Johnson begins by relating several stories […]

Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down

Seeking to help local churches think more thoroughly about worship and culture so that they can function effectively in contemporary society, Dawn roots her discussion of worship issues in a careful assessment of significant aspects of the present technological, postmodern society and names criteria by which to judge various cultural influences. She also sketches the […]

Stepping Stones Of The Steward

Taking the images of journey and steward as metaphors of the Chursitan’s life, and using several of Jesus’ parables as a springboard, Ronald Vallet explores various dimensions of Christian stewardship – which involves a lot more than pledge drives and fins-raisers. The journey of the Christian steward, as described here, encompasses fourteen stepping stones, corresponding […]

The Church Between Gospel And Culture

This excellent collection of essays, written by a diverse group of Christian leaders working on the frontier of mission within the present North American context, lays the groundwork for the newly emerging missionary encounter of the gospel with North American culture. Demonstrating that the missionary identity of the church is to be found at the […]

Transforming Congregational Culture

Many recent books have attempted to address the “crisis” in the mainline church. Anthony Robinson here makes a significant – and in many ways unique – contribution to this discussion by bringing his personal insights as a pastor to bear on the issue of renewing congregational life. Writing from twenty-five years of experience in four […]

Vital Signs

Vital Signs summarizes the research on American mainstream Protestantism in the twentieth century and assesses the significance of that research for these denominations as they confront the twenty-first century. Written primarily for church members and pastors or priests, this book will be a valuable resource for congregations and denominations, helping them to understand the trends […]