Coming Out To God

‘In this collection of sixty prayers . . . Chris Glaser opens new vistas to us in prayer, discipleship, and the relationship between spirituality and sexuality. . . . This book is a classic in devotional literature which one will return to again and again’. –Merrill M. Follansbee, co-founder of the Sacramento chapter of Parents […]

Scripture And Homosexuality

Reflecting on the meaning of the biblical texts and subsequent Christian history, Soards struggles with the issue of how Christians should respond to and comprehend God’s will in dealing with homosexuality. He ultimately advocates a heightened sense of both biblical authority and Christian compassion. Focused and accessible, this book is an ideal starting point for […]

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times for Religion, Especially Christian Faith

From the Publisher’s Note: […] John Leith has long been one of this church’s most significant theological voices. He is a learned thinker sho has also served as a pastor and who has devoted himself throughout his career to building up the church through the training of clergy and through his penetrating theological reflections. […]