Leadership Without Easy Answers

The economy uncertain, education in decline, cities under siege, crime and poverty spiraling upward, international relations roiling: we look to leaders for solutions, and when they don’t deliver, we simply add their failure to our list of woes. In doing do, we do them and ourselves a grave disservice. We are indeed facing an unprecedented […]

Presbyterian Beliefs

This book introduces the major beliefs of Presbyterians. It is written nontechnically to provide readers with a clear discussion of what Presbyterians believe about key theological topics. It is arranged according to three broad headings: the God Who Reveals, Creates, and Guides; the Christ Who Saves People like Us; and the Church, Where Faith Begins, […]

Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers

Presbyterians often have questions about Presbyterian theology and beliefs that are basic to Christian faith itself. Featuring a unique question-and-answer format, Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers is an accessible and concise treatment that provides a sampling of these questions on important topics that frequesntly arise from discussions and brief but complete answers from a distinguished Presbyterian […]

Projects That Matter

Projects That MatterĀ introduces project leaders and teams to the five basic elements of project design and describes in detail a six-step process for designing and implementing a project evaluation and disseminating evaluation findings. Written for the nonexpert, leaders in religious settings will find Cahalan’s guidance clear and invaluable. Presenting evaluation as a form of collaborative […]

Resolution Calling for the Abolition of For-Private Prisons

This resolution was developed by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP) and includes an analysis of the arguments for and against for-profit private prisons. The report as a whole was approved by the 215th General Assembly 2003 for church-wide study and implementation. It makes clear that private prisons are not an economic but […]

Restore Us O God

Introducing Scripture Songs, a new series featuring Maranatha! songs taken directly from God’s word. Each CD contains 10 of the greatest scripture songs ever. Experience the word of God put to music… in the car, at home, anywhere.

Sing The Faith: Accompaniment Edition

This supplement to the Presbyterian Hymnal presents some of the best offerings in new congregational music from around the world, as well as old favorites and historic classics that the latest denominational hymnal does not contain. As a whole, the collection is designed to complement the hymnal and to give music leaders more choices of […]