Authentic Congregations

William Hopper believes it is time for a renewed emphasis on congregations in the life of the Presbyterian Church, and so in this book he challenges Presbyterians to revitalize congregational leadership, organization, and mission for greater service in a changing world. Using case studies of “authentic congregations” — diverse Presbyterian congregations that are responding creatively […]

Being Presbyterian In The Bible Belt

Addressing such questions as ‘Is the Bible the Literal Word of God or Just a Long, Boring Book?’ this is an easy-to-understand, slightly irreverent approach to theology and the kind of theological musings that many youth and others have today. Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt acknowledges that though the views expressed in questions like […]

Biblical Authority For The Life Of The Church

This important paper, number 3 in the Office of Theology and Worship’s “Church Issues Series,” was produced by the United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom. It is valuable to Presbyterians because it illuminates unity/diversity matters by providing fresh perspectives on the crucial question of the Bible’s authority in the church and by providing scriptural […]

Congregational Transformation

This booklet is about Congregational Redevelopment and is one in a series of how-to booklets produced by the Evangelism and Church Development Program Area of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). To redevelop a congregation is to redirect its ministry in response to significant changes that may have taken place either among its membership or in the […]

Hispanic Ministries

This booklet is part of the Living the Vision series, a resource produced by Evangelism and Church Development, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a guide for church leaders in prebyteries, synods and congregations in order for them to minister effectively with and for Hispanics/Latinos. This guide is meant […]

Home Is Where I Live

In 1996 Camilla Warrick was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. A staff reporter for the Cincinnati Post, Warrick turned to her love of writing to discover the most authentic part of herself — the place where she lived with God. This is not a book about the drama of disease or death. This is a […]

Jean Kim Says End Homelessness

Jean Kim describes what she has learned about homelessness, its causes, and the ways that churches can respond. She underscores the Biblical basis for homeless ministry, celebrates ministries already underway, and calls on congregations to dedicate themselves to ending homelessness.

Leadership An Art of Possibility Film Series

Discover both classic best-selling training films with hosts Ben Zander and Roz Zander and bonus new content. To speak possibility you do not need to be the top guy in the elegant suit. You can speak possibility from any position, anywhere in the world. A true leader keeps a possibility alive until every person involved […]