A Calvin Treasury

This book is a handy tool for pastors, theological students, and laity seeking a better understanding of the teaching of John Calvin. With the new study guide, it is a comprehensive, easy-to-read introduction to the most influential book of the Protestant Reformation: Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. The translation used is that of Ford […]

Can Homophobia Be Cured?

In Can Homophobia Be Cured? Bruce Hilton focuses on the difficult questions Christians raise about the deeply divisive issue of homosexuality: – What if the real sin is not homosexuality but homophobia – fear and hatred of lesbians and gay men? – What will the church do with the growing scientific evidence that same-sex orientation […]

Encyclopedia Of The Reformed Faith

Over 200 international scholars from a variety of denominations have contributed to this outstanding, one-volume, comprehensive, reference book. Stressing the importance of events, persons, and theological concepts that have been significant to the Reformed tradition, these articles provide authoritative summaries and stimulating discussion. From Library Journal: “This is a good one-volume encyclopedia of the Reformed […]

How To Attract And Keep Active Church Members

In this study of church growth and membership retention, Smith argues that if a church is to survive, it must concentrate on keeping its present members as well as attracting new ones. Interviewing people from 600 churches of various sizes and reviewing the causes of membership decline and retention in those churches, Smith provides evidence […]

Instruction In Faith (1537)

“Instruction in Faith is a clear, serene, and even pleasant statement of Christian faith written by John Calvin when he was twenty-seven to twenty-eight years of age….For us today it is a classic confession of a humanist scholar who was called to be a Christian and minister in a chaotic and dangerous time. For this reason […]

Legacy Of The Heart

In this inspiring book, Wayne Muller draws on more than twenty years of experience as a therapist and minister to show how hard-won wisdom born of pain can become a powerful source of strength and peace. By revealing how to recognize the damaging effects of childhood wounds and how to transform them in order to […]

Lines In The Sand

Based on the debates of bishops, church councils, and scholars who reflected on policy alternatives and theological and ethical perspectives on the Gulf crisis, the authors focus on moral issues surrounding the Persian Gulf War and present a penetrating case study of foreign and military policy, moral argument, and religious discourse.

Living The Christian Life

Real-life situations in today’s world constantly challenge people, and the authors respond to these challenges by drawing upon the Reformed tradition to provide guidance for spiritual development. Includes practical suggestions, lesson plans and exercises, and recommendations for encouraging spiritual growth. Review from The Library Journal: This book provides an excellent introduction to Christian spirituality from […]

Preaching To Strangers

These 12 sermons by renowned author and pastor Willimon, with responses by theologian Hauerwas, demonstrate the fruitfulness and difficulty of the interaction between theologians and practicing pastors. In this intriguing book, the authors suggest an old and very new way to think about theological work within the church.

Raising Small Church Esteem

Small churches trying to live up to ‘big church’ standards frequently suffer from low self-esteem. Steven Burt, educator, consultant, and former small church pastor (UCC/UMC), and Hazel Roper, an American Baptist judicatory executive and former small church pastor, team up to provide clergy, lay leaders, denominational leaders, and seminary educators associated with small churches a […]