A Singing Faith

From the Preface Faith is meant to be sung, and hymns are for the singing of it. Some say that hymns are a greater influence on one’s personal theology even than sctripture or teaching or preaching or family or friends. I believe this is also true of the influence of hymns on our collective theology […]

Biblical Exegesis: A Beginner’s Handbook

This introductory tool for students doing Old and New Testament exegesis has been updated to included: an improved bibliography, additional illustrations, additional sections on structuralist/rhetorical/’new’ criticism and canonical criticism, plus new material on the use of concordances and on current developments including the influence of liberation and feminist perspectives on exegetical work. The new edition […]

Christians And Muslims Together

Events in the Middle East alone make it imperative that those in the West learn more about the Muslim world, but in addition many Christians in the United States have Muslim neighbors and business associates whom they need to get to know better. As this helpful book comments, ‘Instead of giving in to prejudice, which […]

Congregation: Stories And Structures

In a unique, full-scale study of congregational life, Hopewell shows that it is narrative-the oral tradition-that knits a congregation together. Reviews: ‘This book fills an important gap in the literature of practical theology. Practical theology needs to know how to describe situations, especially the empirical situation of the church. We will depend on Hopewell’s method […]

Hostage Bound, Hostage Free

The reverend Ben Weir and his wife Carol recount their experiences of Ben’s captivity and Carol’s quest for his freedom. Chapters alternate from one point of view to the other, painting a vivid picture of Ben’s ordeal and his family’s efforts to locate and free him.

Rethinking Evangelism

In Rethinking Evangelism: A Theological Approach, Ben Campbell Johnson presents a fresh and creative way of looking at an age-old task. he seeks to rediscover evangelism, plaving it at the heart of Christianity. He sees the starting point of evangelism as human beings: their needs, questions, and desires. He considers the decline in membership in […]

Spiritual Disciplines For Everyday Living

A few writers over the centuries have produced a rich treasury of spiritual insight which has enabled people to deepen their faith while maturing in spiritual understanding and action. The sketches on the cover introduce some of the contemporary women and men whose lives and writings have been grounded in this precious tradition. The selections […]

The Interim Pastor’s Manual

This revised edition of Alan Gripe’s book on the responsibilities of interim pastors is a guide through the problems and possibilities of interim ministry in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Full of biblical and theological insight as well as practical wisdom, this book is built on personal experience and grounded in the theology and polity of […]