A Brief History Of The Presbyterians

A review and summary of Christian Church history from the Presbyterian point of view. Its origins may be found in the early Church as described in the New Testament, says the author, only to be eclipsed as church government became increasingly autocratic. Consequently such representative government of a Presbyterian type as existed in the early […]

An Evangelism Primer

Here are fresh, enlightening, practical, and logical strategies for ‘doing’ evangelism in the local church. Johnson’s ‘Organismic Evangelism’ is a new approach that is based on the utilization of the entire ‘organism’ of the church. Johnson shows how to use these human resources to capture the spirit of Christian love, encouragement, and acceptance. More than […]

Joy in Singing

From the Foreward by Jane Parker Huber ‘Language shapes our thinking. This has been stated before, and in recent years especially, has been effectively demonstrated in sociological, theological, and personal terms. Many people, however, resist the idea that words are all that significant. But, as Christians we are a people of THE WORD, and therefore, […]

To Be A Presbyterian

In this lay-friendly introduction to what it means to be a Presbyterian, Louis B. Weeks explains the life, history, tradition, and beliefs of the Presbyterian Church. More than providing just a brief overview, Weeks ties his explanations to actual congregational situations. Each chapter begins with an anecdote and then examines the theme in the following […]