Pastoral Activities Index

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Categories: Booklets & Journals.
Publication Dates: 1976.
Publisher(s): The United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A..
Subject(s): Clergy and Presbyterian Church - Clergy.
Format(s): Booklet Bound.

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  • POV981
  • Summary:

    The Pastoral Activities Index is a detailed description of the activites in which pastors engage, organized in eight roles: (1) Director of Worship; (2) Facilitator of Pastoral Care; (3) Leader & Interpreter of Mission; (4) Coordinator of Church Education; (5) Facilitator of Parish/Community Relationships; (6) Administrator; (7) Member of the Presbytery; (8) Member of the Profession.

    This document was validated through extensive study and research among ministers and elders…. It is basic to a study of the duties and responsibilities of the pastor and is the foundation upon which the subsequent matierials [of the series] are constructed.