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Categories: Video Collection.
Publication Dates: 2007.
Produced by: Zondervan Publishing House.
Subject(s): Identity (Psychology) - Religious aspects - Christianity, Peer pressure, and Self-perception.
Format(s): DVD.

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  • Summary:

    We all compare ourselves to others. We spend our lives wondering what others think and say about us. Some of us even wish we were someone else. We question why we are the way we are and noth the way we wish we could be. Some of us have let the expectations of others dictate who we’ve become.

    We act a certain way to be accepted but know that we’re being untrue. But why are we so concerned with what other people think, say, or look like? What does it say about us if we are unable to accept who we are? Maybe if we really knew our true selves, we wouldn’t give so much attention to other peoples’ lives and live more in tune with the life God wants for us.