Nearest In Affection

Towards A Christian Understanding Of Islam

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Brown (Stuart).
Publication Dates: 1994.
Publisher(s): World Council of Churches.
Subject(s): Christianity and other religions, Islam, and Islam - Relations.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BP 172 .B76 1994
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    ‘The Nearest in Affection to those who believe,’ according to the Quran, ‘are the ones who say, ‘We are Christians.” Yet in many parts of the world where Christians and Muslims live side by side, the reality of their relationship falls far short of that ideal. Suspicions and fears arise from ignorance of each other’s history, beliefs, and practices, often leading to tensions and open conflict. This short introduction to Islam for Christians offers a wide-ranging overview of what Muslims believe and where their beliefs and practices reveal points of contact or divergence with Christianity. It thus provides both an agenda and a solid foundation for strengthened and respectful encounters between members of the world’s two largest faith groups.