Leadership For A Changing Church

Charting the Shape of the River

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Dale (Robert D.).
Publication Dates: 1998.
Publisher(s): Abingdon Press.
Subject(s): Christian leadership and Leadership.
Format(s): Softcover.

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    Change is the one constant on which the leaders of tomorrow’s church can rely. Changes in technology, changes in social structures, and changes in the church are happening at such a rapid pace that pastors and other church leaders share Mark Twain’s despair of ever keeping up with it all. The key is to train yourself for change itself. Change has become the ‘shape of the river’ that we must always keep in mind. The skills that will prepare one for meaningful ministry in the twenty-first century are skills of adaptation and life-long learning. Those whom God calls to lead the church in this new day will prepare themselves now for the habits of acquiring new skills and adapting their methods in ministry to new technologies and social structures. Leadership for a Changing Church can serve as a guide for all those who want to know how to effectively and faithfully proclaim the gospel and serve God’s people in this time of accelerated transition and change.