Growing Spiritual Redwoods

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Bandy (Thomas G.) and Easum (William M.).
Publication Dates: 1997.
Publisher(s): Abingdon Press.
Subject(s): Pastoral theology and Spiritual life.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BV 4011 .E329 1997
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    Growing Spiritual Redwoods is an effort to help church leaders answer the kinds of questions that confront congregations and Christians in this era of rapid and uncertain change in the church, questions such as: Are you committed to Jesus Christ, or to a particular doctrine, denomination, or church? Do you speak of faith as an experience of Christ, or as a heritage that you protect? Do you believe that ministry is to make disciples or members?

    William Easum and Thomas Bandy believe that deep spiritual vitality and an openness to the new thing that God is doing will characterize the ‘spiritual redwoods’ that emerge from this time of change. Congregations to whom this term can be applied do not spring spontaneously into existence, nor are they built in a mechanical, by-the-numbers fashion. Instead, they are grown, and providing the environment that will grow these vigorous centers of witness and mission is the crucial task of church leadership in our time.Some of the components of this task include: Cultivating the passion for the transforming experience of Jesus, in individuals and in church communities. Enabling worship that feeds new life in multiple ways, and which is indigenous to the forest from which spiritual redwoods grow. Nurturing organisms designed to release mission, make disciples, deepen faith, and proclaim God.