The Debt-Free Church

Experiencing Financial Freedom While Growing Your Ministry

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Berg (Jeff) and Burgess (Jim).
Publication Dates: 1996.
Publisher(s): Moody Publishers.
Subject(s): Church finance.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BV 770 .B46 1996
  • Summary:

    Like consumers, churches and Christian ministries often get themselves into financial trouble: They go into debt – for new buildings, unbudgeted programs, or even to meet operating expenses – and then weeks, months, or years later wake up to the reality of long-term payments. They realize only too late that their effectiveness and ability to meet needs are jeopardized by the debt burden they must shoulder.

    In The Debt-Free Church, authors Jeff Berg and Jim Burgess show how ministries often miss opportunities to grow and expand because they’re held back by debt. Using biblical principles, case studies, and practical advice, the authors answer the questions: – How do most churches and ministries get into financial troubles in the first place? – What does the Bible say about churches borrowing and lending? – How can a ministry accelerate the process of getting out of debt? – Once a church is out of debt, how can it stay financially free? – How can churches grow and develop without taking on debt?

    Geared for both established churches and ministries, and those just starting out – whether currently in debt or financially free – this valuable resource will help pastors, leaders, and lay people ensure their ministry’s long-term financial health.