Connecting Diversity in Community

Race, Class, Gender, Religion

Connecting Diversity in Community DVD


American society has never been more culturally diverse and rich, yet our communities are sadly fragmented. People with unique heritages and perspectives live side by side, but seldom interact with each other in any meaningful way. In many communities, our churches physically occupy the center of a town or neighborhood, but they are not necessarily central to the lives of the people who reside there. As Christians, many of us are painfully aware of these divisions but have reluctantly accepted them as inevitable. But are they?

In this video, you will see congregations and ministries who made a commitment to the challenging task of breaking down barriers and unhealthy divisions in their communities. In their own style, each of these groups focused their attention outward to the people and groups around them, contemplated prayerfully what they heard and saw, and used their faith to make meaningful connections.