The Church And Its Unity

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Categories: Booklets & Journals.
Author(s): Achtemeier (P. Mark) and Wheeler (Barbara G.).
Publication Dates: 1999.
Publisher(s): Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
Subject(s): Church -- Unity and Presbyterian Church - Doctrines.
Format(s): Booklet Bound.

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  • Summary:

    In “True Confession: A Presbyterian Dissenter Thinks about the Church,” Barbara Wheeler
    speaks honestly about issues that divide the church, yet calls for the maintenance of God-given unity.

    Mark Achtemeier acknowledges that frustration with continuous controversy sometimes leads to the
    desire for separation, yet he sets forth “Seven Theses on the Unity of the Church.” These addresses help the whole church move beyond sentimental or institutional arguments for denominational cohesion, insisting that there are theological, christological, and ecclesiological grounds for the commitment to unity.