Christians And Muslims Together

An Exploration By Presbyterians

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Categories: Book Collection.
Author(s): Cooley (Frank L) and Haines (Byron).
Publication Dates: 1987.
Publisher(s): Westminster John Knox Press.
Subject(s): Christianity and other religions and Islam - Relations.
Format(s): Softcover.

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  • BP 172 .C42 1987
  • Summary:

    Events in the Middle East alone make it imperative that those in the West learn more about the Muslim world, but in addition many Christians in the United States have Muslim neighbors and business associates whom they need to get to know better. As this helpful book comments, ‘Instead of giving in to prejudice, which inevitably corrupts all human relationships, the time has come for Christians to respond to the presence of their Muslim neighbors in new ways and new attitudes.’ Christians and Muslims Together examines what these new ways and attitudes might be and how they might be achieved. The work of the Islamic Advisory Study Committee of the PC(USA), it has been prepared as a report to the 199th General Assembly. It is nontechnical and designed for use in a denomination-wide study of Islam and of the beliefs and values Christians and Muslims share.