Claiming The Center

From Booklist: Taking the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as representative, Rogers recounts an interesting history of Presbyterianism in the U.S. as he pleads with the mainline of Protestantism to stake out a “centrist” position on social and political controversies. The history is more successful than the plea, which is based on a hierarchical conception of religion, […]

Presbyterian Creeds

This book provides Presbyterian clergy, laity, and students with a thorough introduction to their faith as set forth in The Book of Confessions. Jack Rogers explains the technical terms and places current issues in perspective by examining the meaning of creeds, confessions, and declarations found in The Book of Confessions. He examines their role in history, their […]

Reading The Bible And The Confessions

For Presbyterians, Holy Scripture and the Book of Confessions are the primary sources of authority and guidance. However, authorities are helpful only if they are interpreted correctly. While much has been written about biblical interpretation, this is the first book to apply the principles of biblical interpretation to understanding the Book of Confessions.