Call to Worship: Year C

Volume 43, Issue #1.¬†Features/Authors are listed, Columns are not. Introduction Long, Kimberly Bracken v Seeing the World through Scripture-colored Glasses Flemming, Matthew 1 The Work of Our Hands: Reframing the Framer Rider, Kelly 9 Calvin as Liturgical Theologian Moore-Keish, Martha 17 The Reform of Church Prayers Gambrell, David 26 New Songs of Celebration Render Morgan, […]

Psalter For Christian Worship

The singing of psalms in meter – once so vital to Presbyterian worship – has all but disppeared from our tradition. In this psalter, church organist Michael Morgan has reclaimed the pslams for congregational worship with new texts set to familiar hymn tunes. This collection, for worship leaders, musicians and congregations, will inspire both corporate […]