Critical Moment Of Ministry: A Change Of Pastors

Based on extensive learning from the Alban Institute, this book emphasizes the opportunities for change presented during a pastoral transition. ‘In this invaluable resource for congregations and pastors, Loren Mead has demonstrated again his uniqu ability to see the power and potential in commonplace events in the life of the church. Teo decades of experience, […]

More Than Numbers

Mead explores what church growth and evangelism really mean in a time when it is mathematically impossible for every congregation to achieve significant numerical growth. He argues provocatively that spiritual, organizational, and missional growth are just as important as numerical growth, and that all four are needed for a truly healthy and growing church. Case […]

The Once And Future Church

Mead takes a broad look at past and present changes in the church, and postulates a future to which those changes are calling us. Denominations, once structured to deliver resources to far-off lands of foreign mission, now encounter the mission field in the layperson’s workplace and the community surrounding the local congregation. Thus, the church […]

Transforming Congregations For The Future

In this third volume of the Once and Future Church┬áseries and sequel to his book The Once and Future Church, Loren Mead picks up where he left off. If God is calling the church to reshape itself, where do we begin? On what basis should we build? The declining numbers of denominational membership and recent […]