Introduction To The Reformed Tradition

From the Preface: ‘This study of the Reformed tradition is motivated by gratitude for a heritage that has nurtured and shaped the writer’s own life and by the conviction that the tradition provides resources, clues, and inspiration for life in the last quarter of the twentieth century… The Reformed tradition has been one of the […]

Reformed Reader (Volume 1)

This excellent resource presents short, meaningful selections from major Reformed theologians of Europe, the British Isles, and America during the classical period of 1519-1799. Arranged thematically according to major doctrines, the book identifies significant theological points, illustrating both the distinctiveness and diversity of Reformed thought.

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times for Religion, Especially Christian Faith

From the Publisher’s Note: […] John Leith has long been one of this church’s most significant theological voices. He is a learned thinker sho has also served as a pastor and who has devoted himself throughout his career to building up the church through the training of clergy and through his penetrating theological reflections. […]