An Evangelism Primer

Here are fresh, enlightening, practical, and logical strategies for ‘doing’ evangelism in the local church. Johnson’s ‘Organismic Evangelism’ is a new approach that is based on the utilization of the entire ‘organism’ of the church. Johnson shows how to use these human resources to capture the spirit of Christian love, encouragement, and acceptance. More than […]

Hearing God’s Call

How can one discern if a calling truly is from God? How can one be alert to the fact that one call is ending and another is beginning? In this insightful book Ben Campbell Johnson gives inspiring, experience-based advice on these and other questions concerning the call of God. Johnson begins by relating several stories […]

Living The Christian Life

Real-life situations in today’s world constantly challenge people, and the authors respond to these challenges by drawing upon the Reformed tradition to provide guidance for spiritual development. Includes practical suggestions, lesson plans and exercises, and recommendations for encouraging spiritual growth. Review from The Library Journal: This book provides an excellent introduction to Christian spirituality from […]

New Day New Church

The world has changed. No longer can the church bury its head in the sand, pretending that the ‘old ways’ can read a contemporary generation that does not understand the language of faith. In these pages, scholar and renewalist Ben Johnson examines the issues facing today’s church, proposes a new model for a New Day, […]

Rethinking Evangelism

In Rethinking Evangelism: A Theological Approach, Ben Campbell Johnson presents a fresh and creative way of looking at an age-old task. he seeks to rediscover evangelism, plaving it at the heart of Christianity. He sees the starting point of evangelism as human beings: their needs, questions, and desires. He considers the decline in membership in […]